What is timeshare?

The arrangement whereby several joint owners have the right to use a property as a vacation home under a time-sharing agreement.



What is the difference between a lease and a deed?

Deeded ownership is signed in perpetuity.  

Leased ownership expires after a set number of years and is returned to the resort.



Are my points deeded? 

Yes. The majority of points contracts or upgrades are deeded the same as weeks.




What is an exchange company? 

The system that allows timeshare owners to trade the accommodations they own for comparable accommodations or travel-related services.



Can I write off my property tax for the timeshare? 

Though we do receive this question often, we are not licensed tax professionals and advise you consult with your CPA regarding this matter. 




Why do I pay a maintenance fee even after my timeshare is paid off? 

Maintenance fees are a contractual, perpetual, requirement for the upkeep of the resort. 




Why do my maintenance fees increase every year?

Maintenance fees & special assessments rise at the HOA's discretion as they deem necessary. 

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